Welcome! I’m an Assistant Professor in the Music and Culture program of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I’m also a fiddler: I perform and teach Scottish and Québécois fiddling. This site includes a sampling of my musical projects and my research projects. Enjoy!

New album / Nouvel album

“Gorgeous, refreshing… Scratchy in-the-room atmospheres and subtle experimentations on piano, flute accordion and trumpet lift her arrangements into unexpected places.” — The Guardian
★★★★ “Mature, dignified and rewarding” — Songlines
“Melodically memorable, beautifully-played, heart-lifting music, full of intelligence, delicacy and detail.” — RootsWorld
““[Traverse is] a reminder that traditional music was meant to be passed along person to person through love and personal connections. That’s how it’s lived as long as it has and how it will continue after we’re all gone.” — Fiddler Magazine
“Listening to this work of meticulous research and creativity, we discover that music truly can traverse time and place and bring us joy through the ages.” — Roots Music Canada